The Art of Clawfoot Tub Restoration

Antique claw foot bathtub refinishing is unique in restoring the beauty of dingy, rusted, and old porcelain cast iron tubs. Very often, claw foot tubs are dated, abused and abandoned and in need of restoration. Recognizing the uniqueness of antique claw foot tubs, many are convinced that after many years of use, antique claw foot tubs loose their charm and luster. This is where steps in. Not only does Premier Bathtub Refinishing specialize in restoring antique clawfoot tubs, we are dedicated to refurbishing cast iron tubs and sinks the right way!

Refinishing of the old cast iron claw foot tub is a done in a step by step protocal. The exteriors of most of such old bathing tubs comprised a rough, exposed cast iron. So the external surface, including the feet, is cleaned using the technique of sandblasting. The process of sandblasting rids the tub of any corrosion, rust or old paint. Some refinishers take short cuts by sanding the outside of the tub by hand.  But Premier Bathtub Refinishing insists on quality techniques that have carried our name to where it is today. We then prime and topcoat the exterior of the clawfoot tub to the customers color choice. The porcelain in the inside of the tub is then carefully cleaned with several cleaners. Missing porcelain is repaired. The tub is then chemically etched to create a strong bond with the coating. Three primer coats follow, along with three coats of our high gloss acrylic enamel. The result is a beautifully restored classic antique clawfoot bathtub.

Premier Refinishing has set pricing for resurfacing all vintage tub and sink related products. Our prices can work with anyone’s budget! Please call Lawrence Antoine at 504-655-0192 to get pricing for any of your refinishing needs!